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Manuel Carrión: Diagrammatica Question 5

[This is the fifth of five questions about the the Diagrammatica ProjectThe questions were provided by Manuel Antonio Carrión Lira of the Design School at the University of Valparaiso, Chile (  An abstract of Manuel's research and the full set of questions can be viewed here.]

  •  Manuel Carrión: Based on your experience and the work you have been developing. Is there a specific diagram you would suggest to look at to be analyzed?

I’ll answer this question in three stages: (1) There are too few studies exploring specific diagrams and their communicative function. Thus, any study examining a particular diagram would offer a useful model. Such study would entail aesthetic, design, cultural, and semiotic considerations in relation to the role or purpose of the diagram. An important distinction should also be drawn between families of visual tools.   Continue reading

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