Manuel Carrión: Diagrammatica Question 4

[This is the fourth of five questions about the the Diagrammatica ProjectThe questions were provided by Manuel Antonio Carrión Lira of the Design School at the University of Valparaiso, Chile (  An abstract of Manuel's research and the full set of questions can be viewed here.]

  •  Manuel Carrión: Diagrams as drawings need a surface; they need a vehicle to work through. How do you think the surface and technology affects diagram relations?

This is an interesting question as it addresses the materiality of the diagram: how is it traced? Where is it traced? With what is it traced?  And it actually points in two directions.  First, the surface, or substrate (the material object upon which the diagram is inscribed), influences the design.  And second, the tools of inscription play a role.  A blank sheet of paper can display a diagram.  But the design possibilities offered by a box of coloured markers are widely different than those offered by a single pencil or a collection of paint brushes. Continue reading